Falmouth Jamaica Fishing Charters 

Falmouth Jamaica Nature and Falmouth Jamaica Fishing Charters 


Jamaica has more than 200 species of flowering plants. Among indigenous trees you will find cedar, ebony, mahoe, logwood, mahogany, rosewood, pimento (allspice) , coconut palm, and palmetto palm. Trees introduced to Jamaica are widely cultivated and found through out the island. These trees include breadfruit, banana, mango, and plantain.

Jamaica’s diverse wildlife includes the Iguana, Crocodiles, Mongoose, Coney or Jamaican Huita (a distant relative to the guinea pig). More than 200 species of birds, 25 which are native to the island and 21 sub species found nowhere else. Over 100 different types of butterflies including the giant Swallowtail butterfly which is the largest butterfly in the western world. There are 25 species of harmless bats, as well as various Sea Turtles (Loggerhead, Hawksbill, Green Turtle, and Leatherback) and Manatees, which are now an endangered species. The two native parrots, the Yellow-billed and Black-billed, are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act, as well as the Endangered Species Act.




Fishing charters in Jamaica offer an incredible experience and we have a Tournament Captain ready to hook you up !

Wahoo, Mahi Mahi and even the heralded Marlin!!!!  We catch it within 20 minutes from shore !! Unlike any other place. Inquire Today for when you arrive.


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